Tooth Whitening

img_ThoothWhitening1Your smile is truly a valuable asset! When people have a brighter smile, they tend to smile more and are less self-conscious. Having a beautiful smile is easier than you think! We employ safe, fast, and efficacious methods to brighten your teeth.

Tooth whitening is a simple and predictable cosmetic dentistry process used to lighten a patient’s tooth color. Most whitening procedures remove stains from food, tobacco and discoloration associated with aging. Using the latest whitening technology, The Restorative Dental Group of Cambridge is pleased to offer two methods to whiten your teeth.

img_TheethComparisonPower Bleaching (In-office)

This procedure involves placing a protective barrier on the gums. A whitening agent is placed on the teeth. This substance is applied three additional times during the visit. This procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete with noticeable results!

While You Sleep Bleaching (At-home)

img_SmileWhiteTeethThis is one of the most common techniques employed in tooth whitening. Impressions are taken of the teeth and sets of custom fit thin plastic trays are fabricated for you by our staff. Patients use the trays at home with a special whitening agent at their convenience while watching television or sleeping! The process is completed within two weeks.

Reaching your appearance and smile enhancement goals could be no more than an appointment away. Call us today for a consultation! Our tooth whitening patients visit us from Harvard Square, Cambridge, Boston and Somerville, MA.