Office Staff

Front Desk


Claudette Arseneault-Gillis, Shirley P. Tarifa, Katie Hallett, Jennifer Grasso (not pictured), Martha Du Long

Dental Assistants


Glenice Russo, Catherine Stuart, Lisa Miley, Lisa Fontes, Debbie Lucas, Gloria Carrigg

Office Managers

img_GaelGael McKenna Niles – Office Manager

Gael has been with RDGC since it was a 2-Doctor practice when she worked for 7 years as a Dental Assistant to Dr. Kronstein. She is currently responsible for human resource management, insurance coordination and other financial matters.

img_KathyKathy Wood – Assistant Manager

Kathy has a degree from Northeastern’s Dental Assistant program and over thirty years experience. Her primary role is to ensure the desk runs smoothly and is responsive to patient’s needs.