Infection Control

img_SteriCenter1Your safety is our first concern! While we take pride in our thorough knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, you can rest assured that they are tested and qualified before you ever set foot in our chairs.

All of our innovative equipment allows us to provide you the highest of quality care. Some of our latest technologies:

  • Completely disinfected patient rooms. When one patient leaves, the office is thoroughly disinfected ultrasonically and sterilized of patient contact. That includes all instrumentation, vacuum equipment and saliva injection holders.
  • Disposal of all patient items. Single use dental needles, cotton, gloves and all plastic products are thrown out after each patient treatment.
  • A fully inoculated Staff. Plus, personnel clothing is cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Ultrasonically and chemically cleaned dental equipment. In addition, we heat sterilize each piece after patient use.
  • An outsourced hazardous waste service to dispose of waste materials.  No hazardous material is kept in-house – ever.